Marble Fu Dogs Sculpture Garden Fudog Custom order Carving
Hand Carved Marble Foodog statue made to order

marble Fudog carving sculpture

One Of Our Expert Marble Fu dog Sculpture Carving Sculptor Artists

Order you custom temple lion or foodog statues.
Our stone sculptor can carve to your specifications in a few weeks.
Normally 1 meter to 150cm tall can be made in 3-4 weeks.

Email us at for quote

Watch a short marble fudogs video,    click here

white marble 5 ft Fudog carving sculpture

A beautiful 5 ft (150CM) Tall pair of Foodogs in White Marble, Notice the baby is under foot.
Weight 2600kgs

white marble 120cm Fudog carving sculpture

A 120CM in White Marble, (4FT TALL PAIR JUST FINISHED 7_2015), Notice the baby is under foot.

This next pair is a smaller 60cm pair with the baby in front

white marble 60cm Fudog carving sculpture

He has the 2 styles offered

white marble 60cm Fudog carving sculpture

We can also make 2 or 3 other colors of marble when it is available.

Peach marble 100cm Fudog carving sculpture

This is a nice peach color temple Lion

Gray marble Fudog carving sculpture

These are in Gray color marble

Terracotta Color marble Fudog carving sculpture

At times our carver can get this terracotta Color marble.

marble Foo dog statue

A white marble pair of Foo dog Temple Guardian Lions 1 meter tall for our client 6/2017

We can ship this to you in just a few weeks time.
Normally just 3 weeks to carve a 1 meter pair, and 4 weeks shipping to the west coast usa.
East Coast sea shipping time is longer, around 40 - 45 days
Shipping from Asia to the west coast USA Seaport:
Approx $65.00 USD per cubic meter shipping via ocean freight from Asia to the West coast USA via LCL container.

100% Real Hand Carved Marble Sculptures and Statuary from solid stone. NO FAKES !
Shipping is simple via Ocean Freight.
We recommend a port to port direct shipping when possible.
It is much cheaper than a door to door, and most states have an inland city port to get the port to port rate.
Pick them up and the local freight dock, they load them with their fork lift, and away you go.

your custom Fudogs can be ready for your Home or garden in just a few weeks.

Write or Call For More Info

Customer Projects

marble Fudog carving sculpture

5 foot tall Fudogs from our client in AZ.

Compliments to Pryor's Better Yards
Scottsdale AZ. Phone: 602-692-6222

Below are some photos of the carving process

marble Fudog carving sculpture

First a suitable Stone Must be purchased

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Next the Rough stone Cut to size

Next the stone is roughed out into shape and carving can begin

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Work Continues on the temple lion foodogs

marble Fudog carving sculpture

the completed pair of foodogs

marble Fudog carving sculpture

marble Fudog carving sculpture

marble Fudog carving sculpture

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Ready for packaging and the trip to their new home by Ocean Freight.

marble Fudog carving sculpture

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Our clients 100cm tall pair in their new home

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Send an email or call for information how to order your own personal hand carved sculptures from solid natural marble.

We have been working direct with stone carvers since 2003 and travel to visit each year.
We have found the best artists to place our clients with the correct sculptor for the specific job at hand.
Each stone carver has their own realm of comfort and expertice.
It is important to find the right man for each job.

A different design. This pair was made 3/2014. Notice the baby is in front and a more detailed baby.

marble Fudog carving sculpture

marble Fudog carving sculpturemarble Fudog carving sculpture

Watch a short marble fudogs video by my stone carver,    click here

marble Fudog carving sculpture

Email us at for your order information.

Or Write; Larry at Marblecarve
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
Ph 541-359-4708

Email us at for your order information

IMPORTANT !!!     To Purchase: After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price,
you can use PayPal to accept credit cards.

* Open Hours * 8am to 5pm Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday (Closed Weekends and Holidays)

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