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Marble Lion Garden Sculpture, Marble Lions Carvings Direct from The Orient

marble Statue art, have specialized in the manufacturing of Artistic Marble, Jade, and other Gem stone since 2003. Our official business name is Artfiberglass, which has been in business since 1999. We also own Marblecarve and, and several other websites that redirect to the same pages as our other sites to get more exposure however we no longer update willowsales and keep it running more as an art museum of the fine jade art we found in the past that is no longer available. in the beginning specificly dealing with asian art for the construction industry and expanded to other forms of art as time past and our experience grew. We work directly with our carving factory, Wuhan Hongxiang Jade Craft Factory, in China, making custom orders for our clients artistic needs. We also work with other carvers in the orient.
Our factory manufactures to the highest quality standards that will allow many years of satisfaction and beauty. Our carving artists have been making these beautiful handmade marble and jade sculptures for many years. Many have had the craft passed down from generation to generation.
Traveling all over Asia and China we have alot of experience to help our clients.
In addition we also work closely with other nearby factories and individual carvers in an effort to find the very best quality of art statue sculpture carvings. Including, hand carved, and sculpted fine marble in China and asia. In addition We have a site dedicated to our fine marble sculptures at WWW.MARBLECARVE.COM. Each year we spend 1 to 2 months in asia working with carvers and artists


Displays several hundred, (110 Pages I beleive),Of fine stone sculpture art objects from the Orient for the past years (Since 2004).
We no longer update this site but keep it running for viewers to enjoy the past artworks we were working with.
In fact Willowsales has so many on it now that is is becoming like a museum of art that we have located from a particular area since about 2004 till 2010. All are sold and long gone by now but we stopped updating it as we now work more in the custom artwork for our clients passing along our many years of experience. We take our own photos as we make so many trips over the years on out travels or with help of family and friends in the Orient.
We traveled to many sections of China and Asia from the USA over many years to locate the very best art quality from the best sculpoer artists and stone carvers for our clients as you will surely notice from our website photos. Some of these places are in very remote locations not easy to travel to.
The design is usually not a problem, but stone is natural and no 2 are ever totally alike especially in large projects.
When buying Jade depending on jade color, and quality of the stone sets the price.
We have rough stone sources in many places in the world of many types of jade. We work with several mines that have stone available in bulk orders. Not only in China, but stone from Europe, Siberia, Argentina and others.

Shipping is not a problem for items acquired in the orient.
We are happy to help arrange shipping for you.
Small items can be shipped by air.
For the more valuable and larger items, we can ship via ocean freight by the cubic meter, (LCL), or (FCL) Full container load.
A 1 cubic meter minimum is charged by the shippers and this is the safest way to ship delicate fine works of art.
If they cannot pick it up they cannot break it! This works very well as air is just not safe for a carving.
It may cost a little more, and take a bit longer, but this is the only safe way to ship.
We have custom crates made by a local carpenter that is very strong with the carvings inside more wood boxes and the original box is inside those. Shipping is the most important part of this process. If we cannot get them to our clients safely then we would not be in business long and we have been doing this work now for many years.

We are a fine art broker and have been acquiring fine art for our clients since 2003 and experienced working in the orient since 1998.
We are not an importer, or warehouse service, so we can keep prices low as possible for you.
Unlike someone who must purchase the items, and sit on them for months, this keeps expenses much lower.
When possible, prices are direct from the artist which we prefer because we can work with the best artists direct without serveral hands in the pot so we can pass the lower prices to you.
We are happy to help you acquire your artwork and pass along our extensive experience.
You will be the importer and pay exact fees on the shipping. This will save you money.
Large tall carvings that cannot be laid down because of their delicate artwork must be shipped in an open top container. Usually special 20 foot long open top containers are located in a short time and must be reserved. This means when you ship a large work of art, the container must remain open, you must pay for the lost space above it on the ship which adds some to the cost.
Insurance is available and highly recommended!

Artfiberglass and Marblecarve as well as Willowsales main office is Located in Sweet Home Oregon USA to serve your needs with quality service. Phone 541-359-4708.

In addition to the stone business, our Artfiberglass handmade ceiling and door art products. From the custom printed ceiling light art to hand laid fiberglass panels designed and crafted to suit your needs with all of the art and color sealed inside the panel. It's up to your application. You can apply to Interior Dome Ceilings, Ceiling Diffusers, doors, windows, posters, Shower screens, table tops, ceilings, partitions, walls, Displays, counters, costrels, Lighting, Storm windows, and storm doors, road sign panels, sign boards,
Company logos, trays and lot's more.

rtfiberglass is custom made to order and shipped directly from the factory. As there are over 4000 possible art designs and our clients enjoy the custom ceiling art in their own application to their personal specifications.

Panel, Color, Design, Art or wording can be any shape and size. No limitation. More than 4000 Designs are waiting for you. Your own custom design is welcome. If you do not see it on the website ask us at and we will find it. We offer Free Quotes.

Art Fiberglass has a lot of specialty uses that are suitable to apply many different applications:

  • Free from maintenance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Flexible
  • UV light resistance
  • Excellent Insulation resistance
  • Dirt resistance
  • Flame Retardant Available
  • Artistic design
  • Light weight -- approximately 4.2kg per sq meter
  • Small quantity can be delivered by courier service
  • Unbreakable
  • Easy bending & alteration by
    -- Jig saw
    -- Hand saw
    -- Circular saw
    -- Heat Gun

  • Easy shipment & installation
We Now Offer Beautiful Custom Made To Order Photo Images printed on high quality Acrylic panels. Used for Ceiling Light Diffuser Lens for suspended ceilings. The factory will make multi panel images on many designs. Click HERE for more information.

Sweet Home, Oregon USA 97386
USA: Phone: 1-541-359-4708

These days we seem to be so busy we are not in the office much.
So it is best to contact us by email if possible at

Latest News!
We travel to the Orient several times a year. Often times for our clients.
We also have our partner business in Wuhan China to give fast reliable service at any time.
Our websites, WWW.WILLOWSALES.COM and WWW.MARBLECARVE.COM as well as many on our ARTFIBERGLASS websites, have many wonderful chinese jade and marble sculpture art carvings from the past several years.
Keep watch as we try to update the carvers art offerings every couple months and some times more often in the busy season..
If anything is older than a few months it is probably long gone.
The best work does not last long.
If an item is sold we can try to locate a similar or in some cases have them make a similar.
You can see photos of these projects CLICK HERE Also See
For the past couple years we have not been adding art to our willowsales site so it is more of an art museum of past works of art we have found.
It would be a shame to remove them so we keep it active for people to enjoy.
If there is something we can find for you while in Asia, just send and email we will try to find it.

Have a nice day! Kind Regards, Larry Pruitt, Artfiberglass.

Enjoy a visit to Our WWW.MARBLECARVE.COM for Marble Carvings!

Our Ceiling art website


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